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Governor's Message

Leaving with Gratitude and Fulfillment
Speech at the District Handover, June 10, 2009, Le Pavillion, Pasay City
Posted July 3, 2009, D3830 PR Team


This is the end of our year’s journey.  We must now say “Goodbye!” and make way for the next man on the line. A man who will ensure  that the future of Rotary’s service will be brighter. A man who will serve with a smile and inspire us with his gorgeous looks and positive attitude. Gov Sid, the Future of Rotary, is in your hands.

But saying goodbye is such a difficult thing to do. We’ve had great fun and fellowship together. We have shared moments of trials and triumphs. We have dreamed together, planned together, and worked together. Together we have reached the pinnacle of success we so passionately desired at the beginning of our year.

Looking back at those twelve months we have traveled together, I find no reason for regret – only pleasant memories. To me, our year together has been the most fruitful and rewarding in my Rotary life. Nothing compares in achievement and fulfillment in all my years in Rotary combined. And this is what makes it difficult for me to say goodbye. When we’ve learned to care for others as much as we’ve learned to care for one another, when we’ve learned to work as a team and have gotten used to it, saying goodbye is such a sad thing to do. However at the same time it makes me happy to realize that the world is a brighter and more beautiful place because of us.

Tonight I say goodbye to you as your District Governor leaving with a contented heart at what we have achieved together this Rotary Year. We have truly made dreams real through our projects and activities, our concerted efforts, our unbending commitment to reach our goals of reducing child mortality, address concerns on health and hunger, to alleviate poverty through literacy, and to protect our environment. And most of all, through the admirable example we have set as Rotarians – in our families, work places, and communities, you have made me proud of you my fellow Rotarians.

My feelings of joy and inner fulfillment are beyond words that I cannot seem to know where to begin and where to end. Every dream that we put into our district thrusts is now a reality.

Let me begin with our Years guiding theme. MAKE DREAMS REAL! Those were the beautiful words that echoed in our minds and moved us to prove that dreams work.

The year was filled with many outstanding projects on RI focus on child mortality and district focus on environment. Each club undertook projects to save the children from early death. Clubs even went into inventions and innovations of hospital equipment. Clubs joined efforts and partnered with cities of Paranaque & Taguig and NGOs in organizing programs to save lakes and rivers. Clubs adopted RCCs along the lakes and fishing villages and established livelihood projects.

Today we leave you with many young people and future leaders convinced to take on jobs and pursue careers not just to earn money but to be role models to their colleagues, to change lives and transform communities.


Together with my real good Presidents we pushed ourselves to the limit in terms of membership growth for RY 2008-2009. And as a result we rose from No 6 in rank to top 2 among the 10 districts in the Philippines.

At the end of our term we are leaving you with a stronger district, having exceeded by leaps and bounds the 10% minimum requirement which R.I. had set.

Our district now has a total of almost 2800 Rotarians which translates to almost 800 new members or the equivalent of 40% membership growth. Thus we have exceeded our commitment to Rotary International by almost 400%.

My fellow Rotarians, among the 10 districts, I am proud to announce that we are now number one in terms of number of members per club. We now have an average 34 members per club.

As regards club extension, we have eleven new clubs, contributing almost 300 new members. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rotary Clubs who worked hard to form new clubs. They are the Rotary Clubs of Palanyag – Paranaque , Makati West, Makati , Makati Bel Air, Makati Bonifacio, Makati Poblacion, Makati Legaspi, and Las Pinas North.

Governor Sid, we are turning over to you our newly formed clubs as follows:

  • Rotary Club of Alabang Lampara
  • Rotary Club  of   Paranaque Merville
  • Rotary Club  of  Paranaque St. Andrew
  • Rotary Club  of Makati Essensa
  • Rotary Club of  Global City
  • Rotary Club of   Paranaque BF Homes
  • Rotary Club of   Paranaque San Antonio
  • Rotary Club  of Makati San Miguel
  • Rotary Club  of Guadalupe Nuevo
  • Rotary Club  of San Nicolas
  • Rotary Club  of Las Pinas Multinational

At this point, let me acknowledge the efforts of our small clubs who increased their membership by more than 200%. Consequently, clubs with less than 20 members declined from 25 clubs to 7 clubs.

I am also happy to report to you that we had embarked on varied projects to improve Rotary’s Public Image, through a tri-media campaign, putting emphasis on community service projects as motif for our TV, Radio, and Newspaper supplements such as Philippine Star, Daily Inquirer and Manila Times. I was told by our Zone PR Coordinator that our District was the only one who came our with newspaper supplements focusing on service projects during our Handover & Discon. For your information, these supplements focused more on our many service projects for our poor fellow Filipinos. Hopefully this will changed people’s perception and understanding of what we are as Rotarians.

As a last note on PR, s worth mentioning also that we are the only district that used mobile advertising by displaying the four way test at the back of some buses plying Edsa.

Our financial support to the Fund Development of The Rotary Foundation through the Annual Programs and Permanent Fund has amounted to US$315,000 in terms of major gifts, Paul Harris fellows, and Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member and Polio Plus contributions.

Thank you Past R.I. Director Paing and spouse Melly for showing that the best way to thank the Lord for the gift of long life is to help others attain good health. Thank You for your contribution to Polio Plus.

My thanks to the 3 clubs who became 100% Paul Harris Clubs namely: RC Makati San Lorenzo, RC Paranaque, and RC Muntinlupa Filinvest.

My thanks to the 227 Rotarians who became PHF Matched by PDG Alex Huang and DGN Raffy Garcia and to the other 65 Rotarians who contributed in full to PHF. In addition 10 Rotarians contributed to become major donors.Because of your many contributions to the TRF we have reached the US$100 per capita.

The two outstanding clubs that received R.I. approval for 3H Grants are: RC Makati San Lorenzo and RC Paranaque with an approved grant of almost US$630,000 combined. In the history of District 3830, we have obtained approval for only 2 3H Grants. This year alone among the ten districts, we were the only district that obtained not only one but 2 approved 3H Grants. A first in the history of district 3830.

We launched Project Link so that projects that may need financial and human resources that cannot be funded by TRF Grants will find direct benefactors from other clubs.

Thank you Past President Atty. Gilda Lim chair of the Gilda Catalina Lim Foundation for your Rotary Spirit in donating more than P1 million that funded the many projects on child mortality reduction and environmental protection of 41 Clubs.

Thank you Rotary Club of Makati Foundation for the PSP Grants and BATS that jumpstarted projects for environmental protection and disease prevention.

I also thank my hardworking District Officers for their perseverance, effort, and dedication throughout the Rotary Year. Without them we could not have organized the following very successful Districts events, as follows:

  • Three (3) series of “Hit the Ground Running PREPETS” at AIM in Oct & Nov 2007 and in February 2008
  • Our PETS At Oasis Hotel, Angeles Pampanga in March 2008
  • The DTTS in Davao in May 2008 attended by 80 district officers
  • DISTAS at AIM Acceed in May 2008
  • District Handover in June 5, 2008 at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City
  • Distas in Puerto Princesa in Aug 15-17, 2008
  • Our various district events, Rotary Academy, Fellowships, Inductions, Governor’s Visits from July 2008  til January, 2009
  • The Bingo Bonanza on Dec 28 2008
  • Our MidYear Review in Tagaytay Jan 30, 2009
  • DISCON at Sofitel in Mar 20-21m 2009
  • District Awards  at Manila Polo on June 5, 2009

I give grateful acknowledgement to all my district officers for their support in organizing and implementing these events.

Finally, our dream of bringing our district back to its rightful place as the premiere district in the country is now a reality. That landmark achievement now stands as our Legacy to our beloved District 3830 and shall become a great source of strength and inspiration for Rotarians.

I congratulate our Clubs who undertook diverse Literacy Projects – 70 of the 71 clubs got the Zone Literacy Awards. 67 Presidential citations were received by our district. We made sure that each club deserved to be recognized for their significant projects.  These clubs are our true gems: Good Exemplars of Meritorious Service.

I salute our Real Good Presidents – thank you for being the best example of ‘service above self’. May we give our RGPs a hearty applause for a job well done? They truly deserve it.

All of these achievements are far beyond R.I.’s expectations this Rotary Year. We made our mark not only in the colorful history of our district, but also in Philippine Rotary, as well as in Rotary International. I am very proud to announce to you that yesterday RI called my office to announce that our district will be given an award in membership development by RI Pres DK Lee himself in Birmingham. (Note: DG Boyet received a Membership [Growth and Development Achievement] Award from RI President DK Lee at the RI Convention in Birmingham on June 23, 2009 and such award was given only to 12 District Governors worldwide. )

My fellow Rotarians, we leave this Rotary Year with a sense of satisfaction and triumph. Our year has been one of the best ever.

I shall now hand over the leadership of our district to my worthy successor Governor Sid Garcia and his Smiling Visionaries. Let us wish them the best and Godspeed.

My fellow Rotarians, on behalf of our RGPs and yours truly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It has indeed been a good year and a life changing experience.

To our real good presidents, we have indeed “Made Dreams Real”.

To Governor Sid and his smiling visionary presidents, the future of Rotary is now in your hands.

Magandang gabi po at maraming salamat sa  inyong lahat!

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